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An Important Announcement Concerning COVID-19 Precautions

Per Yale University directive, effective 3-16-20 through 3-31-20, services offered by YPPS will be suspended. YPPS staff will be working remotely monitoring the emails noted below to assist you with any critical and essential needs. If you have a critical need or any questions please contact …

yppssupport@yale.edu (for any general YPPS related needs)


blueprint@yale.edu (for any BluePrint related needs)


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YPPS receives two IPMA Awards

In June, YPPS won two awards at the In-Plant Printing & Mailing Association (IPMA) Conference. This annual conference gathers in-plant printers and mail operators to consult, learn, and interact with each other. The two IPMA awards included: gold award for a stationery package printed on digital equipment for Loughlin Fitzgerald, a non-Yale...