Yale Printing & Publishing Services

Sustainable Printing with PaperCut

YPPS supplies over 1,500 multi-functional devices (MFD’s) across campus to faculty and staff through our BluePrint Program. We also have 250 MFD’s in student print clusters; all student locations are outfitted with FSC certified papers. Faculty who rent our printers are able to procure FSC paper for their printers at a discounted rate due to our department’s buying capacity. Also, all of the student printers on campus are running on PaperCut software http://www.papercut.com/.

PaperCut is designed to track and monitor printing and consumption (http://ypps.yale.edu/blueprint/papercut-overview).  This has been instrumental in reducing Yale’s paper consumption by 16% over the past year. This is 6% above the 2016 goals laid out by Yale’s current sustainability strategic plan (http://sustainability.yale.edu/sites/default/files/files/sustainabilitystrategicplan2013-16_20131029.pdf).

Students are now able to consume paper smarter because with the BluePrint Clusters, operated by PaperCut, they can release their print jobs themselves. Print jobs have to be accepted through CAS authentication at the device in order to print. Unwanted jobs are terminated by the user or automatically purged after sitting in queue for two hours, this also helps reduce paper usage. Also, all of our BluePrint printer stations are defaulted to print double sided and in black and white.