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Yale Printing & Publishing Sustainability Best Practices

Sustainable Printing

These practices are being shared on our website as a way of offering sustainability offerings, insights and potential benefits to our customers.

YPPS’ Sustainability Philosophy

Yale Printing and Publishing Services (YPPS) strives to operate sustainably while using and printing on paper.  As part of an overall university mission, our departmental goals are also green.


We work tirelessly to promote sustainable practices within our walls and with our Yale clients.  Some initiatives include smarter paper usage, sustainable printer/copier programs, and encouraging the use of electronic communications.

Yale Printing & Publishing Services (YPPS) strives for sustainability while both using and printing on paper

  • Practices smart and appropriate paper use
  • Provides sustainable printer/copier programs
  • Encourages and facilitates electronic communications
  • Provides innovative communications strategies

YPPS is proud to be FSC certified and offers a wide range of FSC certified paper stocks to choose from

The Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) is an international not for-profit, multi-stakeholder organization established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world’s forests.


One of its main tools for achieving this is independent certification and labeling of forest products, which offers customers the ability to choose products from socially and environmentally responsible forestry.

YPPS also supports and is certified through the Rainforest Alliance™, which is accredited by the FSC and is today the world’s leading nonprofit FSC certifier.

Apps & Digital Publications

In today’s ever shifting, technological world, YPPS understands that communication strategies are always evolving.  In an effort to deliver our customers information digitally through various communication channels, YPPS is now offering mobile strategy apps and digital publication solutions.

Sustainable Printing With BluePrint and PaperCut

YPPS supplies over 1,800 multi-functional devices (MFD’s) across campus to faculty and staff through our BluePrint Program.  We also have 250 MFD’s in student print clusters; all student locations are supplied with FSC certified papers.


Departments and schools who rent our printers are able to procure FSC paper for their printers at a discounted rate due to our department’s buying capacity. Also, all of the student printers on campus are running on PaperCut software (http://www.papercut.com/).

PaperCut is designed to track and monitor printing and consumption (http://ypps.yale.edu/blueprint/papercut-overview).  This has been instrumental in reducing Yale’s paper consumption by 16% over the past year.

Students are now able to consume paper smarter because with the BluePrint Clusters controlled by PaperCut.  Students can release their print jobs themselves.  Print jobs are processed through CAS authentication at the device in order to print.  Unwanted jobs are terminated by the user or automatically purged after sitting in queue for four hours.  This saved nearly 1 million sheets of paper over the last year.

The BluePrint fleet of school and departmental multifunction printers are defaulted to print 2-sided and in black and white.  and This also helps reduce paper usage. Also, all the BluePrint printers are defaulted to print double sided and in black and white.  In addition, these printers will go into sleep mode after 2 hours to conserve energy, thus being more sustainable.

Electronic Record Retention and Management

Our HIPAA certified YPPS staff uses high volume production scanners to convert paper records and documents into searchable pdf’s. 


Converting these records and documents saves precious space while improving accessibility.  Both the original paper documents and the created pdf’s are the property of those requesting the service and thus are not stored by YPPS.  YPPS coordinates the shredding of these records based on the customer’s behalf. 

Trash & Recycling Management

Our facility has a state-of-the-art waste and recyclable section, which helps ensure all of our paper, cardboard and trash is segmented and disposed of properly.


In addition to many of our other sustainable endeavors, we reuse and repurpose paper boxes that we receive our materials in. Our customers’ orders are packed in the boxes that our envelopes and paper reams come in. This helps reduce the amount of consumable materials and waste and cuts downs on costs.

When customers pick up small orders, they are placed in oxo-biodegradable plastic bags that will decompose responsibly when thrown away.