Yale Printing & Publishing Services

Apps & Digital Publications

In today’s ever shifting, technological world, YPPS understands that communication strategies are always evolving. In an effort to deliver our customers information digitally through various communication channels, YPPS is now offering mobile strategy apps and digital publication solutions.

Our research reveals that more and more people and businesses are consuming data on tablets and smart phones.  And YPPS wants to bring that technology to our customers and the broader Yale Community. Understanding this trend, YPPS has invested resources in mobile strategy and app development to fit a variety of Yale’ values. Printing and printed materials are important and will continue to be part of your department’s marketing or communications strategy.  By combining mobile strategy along side of it, print can become alive again. With mobile technology content becomes more accessible, engaging, responsive and dynamic for consumers. It reduces the amount of materials produced on paper while providing analytics for a richer understanding on how consumers are using your communications.

Our apps are powered by Adobe DPS and Xerox GTXcel. These two powerful products can help our customers choose the right path to fit their individual budget and communication needs. Our mobile apps can be available for download on Apple, Android and other major smartphone and tablet devices.

Would you like to learn more about how analytics, captured from this mobile marketplace can help fine-tune your outreach? For a better understanding of Mobile strategy, Apps and Digital Publications please contact us.