Yale Printing & Publishing Services


Yale Printing and Publishing Services (YPPS) strives to operate sustainably while using and printing on paper. As part of an overall university mission, our departmental goals are also green.  We work tirelessly to promote sustainable practices within our walls and with our Yale clients.  Some initiatives include smarter paper usage, sustainable printer/copier programs, and encouraging the use of electronic communications.

In April 2015 the University recognized YPPS for our green efforts with an award of notable contributions towards sustainability at Yale. We also took first place in the 2015 ACUP Impression Awards for Green Services.

Our newest sustainable initiative is offering Yale communications through digital publications and app creation. By utilizing Adobe DPS and Xerox GTXcel we will be able to offer engaging e-publication solutions that will live on a consumer’s mobile device. This will compliment printed media covering multiple communication channels, but reduce the amount of printed-paper needed.

Photo credit: Alaina Pritchard