Yale Printing & Publishing Services

YPPS – Our Story

Before Yale had an in-plant printer, Administration Data Systems (ADS) provided printing and computing services using large, noisy mainframe computers, located in the basement of 155 Whitney Avenue. They printed payroll checks, bursar/student loan bills and alumni giving reports.

In the mid-to-late 1980s, ADS began its evolution into a single-source service provider, bringing in automated equipment, analog copiers, and their first piece of digital equipment to personalize mailings and envelopes.

Development had been ADS’s main client, but by 1988 the decision was made to establish ADS as an entity offering printing, copying and mailing services to the entire university.  YPPS (Yale Printing & Publishing Services) was in the making, an amalgamation of three information cultures: MIS (Management Information Services), CIS (Computations and information systems), and RIS (Reprographic Information Systems).

Much of the YPPS success story reflects a persistence to keep up with the latest media technologies.  The organization always strove to improve what it could offer the University and, in turn, had the support of the University to grow in this endeavor.  Today we take pride in providing a wide array of high quality, cost-effective solutions to include mailing, copying, offset printing, bindery and finishing, design, scanning, and large format displays.

Ultimately, the most important word in “Yale Printing & Publishing Services” is “services” — listening to the customer and advising the customer about alternate solutions that reflect cost-saving strategies. Our services have won national awards year after year, but it is the constant success stories from within the Yale community of which we are most proud.