Yale Printing & Publishing Services

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Hours and Location:

Open Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and holidays

YPPS Main Office
344 Winchester Avenue
P.O. Box 208331
New Haven, CT 06520-8331

We accept the following Forms of Payment:

Visa, MasterCard
Bursar Billing (September-March only)

Contact Us

We always appreciate hearing what's on your mind. Your feedback, suggestions and ideas are important to us. Please contact us at one of the email addresses or phone numbers listed below.


YPPS General Support



Customer Service Representatives

CSR Name Phone Email Address
John Eszenyi 203.432.7155 john.eszenyi@yale.edu
Hal Schwartz 203.432.6668 hal.schwartz@yale.edu
Trish Smith 203.432.8679 trish.smith@yale.edu
Mark Smith 203.436.5313 m.smith@yale.edu
Mable Thorne 203.432.8981 mable.thorne@yale.edu
Patricia Tucker 203.432.7186 patty.tucker@yale.edu


Copier Rental Program & BluePrint Support

BluePrint Customer Support 203.436.9640 BluePrint@yale.edu


Procurement Specialists & Promotional Solutions

CSR Name Phone Email Address
Carmen Cusmano 203.432.3540 carmen.cusmano@yale.edu
Eddie van Keuren 203.432.7076 edward.vankeuren@yale.edu