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Improve your Research Poster Presentations
With Our New Fabric Travel Posters

Transporting your poster presentations can be cumbersome. If you are going across town or getting on a plane, you will likely carry it in a large cardboard poster tube. With our new “Fabric Travel Poster” carting your posters around town or the world just got easier.

YPPS now offers a high quality, tube-free, and wrinkle-resistant, fabric poster solution. These new cloth posters allow for a worry-free trip with less bulk! Simply fold up your poster and either tuck under your arm or place it easily in a suit or briefcase.

Fabric posters are easy to display, just unfold and hang using either thumbtacks, presentation clips, or Velcro. If light creasing becomes noticeable use a low heat iron, and gently press over the fabric on the non-printed side. All posters can either be printed Inkjet with Latex ink or Dye-sublimation. Only dye-sublimation fabric posters are washable.

Placing your order is easy! Click the “Order” button below and select “Fabric Travel Poster” found on our online ordering system under the category “Poster & Large Format Signs” and follow the prompts. Online ordering is available 24/7 or give our customer service reps a call during business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:30am -5:00pm) at 203-432-6560. Poster turnaround is 2-3 business days. Please notify YPPS in advance for Rush Orders.

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