Yale Printing & Publishing Services

PaperCut Overview

Student Printing

BluePrint printing is available to all students from the many Blueprint clusters around campus or a student can use their own personal computer. Students can print in black and white or color using Multi-Functional Devices that support printing, copying and scanning. 

The BluePrint PaperCut system provides print cost savings and paper waste reduction by offering secure print release capability. PaperCut supports Yale University’s Office of Sustainability, energy and resource reduction efforts while providing a superior student printing experience.

Students can use either the BluePrint_BW or BluePrint_Color global print queues and release jobs anywhere on campus that is listed under Student Print LocationsEach location has both B&W and Color printing available.


Departmental Program – (Full Service Option)

 (Detailed charging for all printing & copying costs to Shared Account charging instructions)


  • Provides distributed charging for departments through the use of shared accounts.
  • Provides detailed usage reports broken down by charging instruction, user, and device.
  • Processes and pays for on-line paper orders to WB Mason.
  • Processes a monthly billing batch of shared account charges through Workday.  
  • Provides detailed billing history upon request.
  • Provides asset support and interfaces with the vendor technicians.
  • Maintains a limited supply inventory to accommodate customer emergency supply needs.
  • Maintains web interface for departments to create or edit shared account’s charging instruction.
  • Maintains asset information for each customer, including their device agreement, equipment models, accessories, serial and ID #’s, department name, contact, location, IP address, meter reading history and charging instructions.