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Departmental Printing

Departmental PaperCut Program – (Full Service Option)

 (Detailed charging for all printing & copying costs to Shared Account charging instructions)

  • YPPS provides distributed charging for departments through the use of shared accounts.
  • YPPS provides detailed usage reports broken down by charging instruction, user, and device.
  • YPPS processes and pays for on-line paper orders to WB Mason.
  • YPPS processes a monthly billing batch of shared account charges through Workday.  
  • YPPS provides detailed billing history upon request.
  • YPPS provides asset support and interfaces with the vendor technicians.
  • YPPS maintains a limited supply inventory to accommodate customer emergency supply needs.
  • YPPS maintains web interface for departments to create or edit shared account’s charging instruction.
  • YPPS maintains asset information for each customer, including their device agreement, equipment models, accessories, serial and ID #’s, department name, contact, location, IP address, meter reading history and charging instructions.

Departmental PaperCut Links:

  • Finances
  • Order Paper
  • Queue Set-Up
  • Client Software Downloads
    All downloads must be performed while on the Yale network. For wi-fi, use YaleSecure.
    Determine which PaperCut download meets your needs:
    • All Campus Locations: This is the PaperCut client students and staff using personal accounts should download. For students, it used in conjunction with the BluePrint global queues allowing them to submit a print job to a single global queue and release it from any PaperCut supported printer on campus designated for student use. This will also show a balance window and provide a link to the PaperCut User page.
    • Tracking Only (eg. 25 Science Park): This is the PaperCut client used for tracking only such as the ITS staff at 25 Science Park. These customers are required to run this client for print management. 






All Campus Locations

Tracking Only (eg. 25 Science Park)

Copier Rental Program – (Basic Service Option)

  • YPPS provides back up service support and interfaces with the on-site service technicians
  • YPPS maintains a limited supply inventory to accommodate customer emergency supply needs
  • YPPS bills customers monthly through automated meter readings to all networked devices
  • YPPS assists customers with non-networked equipment
  • YPPS can provide monthly distributed charges to an individual department charging instruction
  • YPPS provides detailed billing history upon request
  • YPPS maintains an inventory of equipment for each customer

Copier Rental Links: