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Shred Bag Event

“The United Way Shred Event was a convenient way to dispose of personal confidential documents while simultaneously supporting a worthy cause.  Quick and easy drop off at the YPPS loading docks.”

— Sheryl Spector
    Senior Administrative Assistant Office of the Senior Associate Provost for Research Administration

“Early in 2020 Yale Printing & Publishing Services sent out an email regarding a Shred Day in support of the United Way. I am a proud supporter of the United Way and I had known for a while that I needed clear out papers throughout my home. I knew I was a paper hoarder but was shocked to discover how much paper I had been saving. Thanks to the team at YPPS, I have gone from eight file drawers of papers to one and a half. I’ve set up a system to shred the out dated bank statements and tax filings when new ones are added. There is a freedom as well as new space rediscovered that comes with eliminating all the paper. This was done while being able to support the United Way. Others get to benefit while I get the joy of cleaning out. It is easy and simple to do and I have already recommended it to friends and coworkers.”

— Poppy Hahn
    Senior Administrative Assistant, Lifelong Learning and Travel

“The Yale Printing and Publication Services’ shred event this year was a super-event!  They managed this project as a fund-raiser for the Greater New Haven United Way, so they made it easy for me to contribute financially to that organization. And, it gave me the ability to safely rid myself of many bags of personal papers that I have clung to for years!  It was easy for me to bring my bags to the YPPS loading dock during one of the scheduled drop-off sessions. I would definitely participate in future events – and probably only need 1 bag next time!”

— Joyce Dupee, MSHA, CPC
Director, Coding & Billing, Yale Medicine Administration

“The YPPS Shred Event was great. It was very organized. The drop-off went very smoothly. I received a friendly welcome and was assisted promptly and courteously. I will definitely participate in the next Shred Event. In addition, it gave me great joy to transfer all those bags of paper materials I had been collecting for a long time, into the shred bag.”

— Darlene Gost
    Sr. Administrative Assistant, Yale Clubs


“The YPPS shred event was a great opportunity to purge my files and at the same time support the United Way!  It allowed me to bag up all my old papers at home without spending hours shredding with my small shredder.  I was able to clear out years of old papers!”

— Robin Sarno
    Financial Assistant, Parking and Transit


Shred your unwanted documents with Yale Printing & Publishing to Benefit the United Way of Greater New Haven!

During our previous campaign, we received donations for all 200 shred bags, resulting in $5,000 going to the United Way.

Following the great success of last year’s United Way shred bag campaign, YPPS is launching the program once again. Shred your personal documents, junk mail, bank statements, and other sensitive papers right here on campus! In return for a $25 donation to support the United Way of Greater New Haven, participants will receive a large Sealable Security Shred Bag which can hold 45 lbs. of your documents.

The Shred Bag program will now be hosted year-round to continually help raise money for the UW. Please continue to show your support with new donations!

Our next shred date will be:

  • Thursday, May 16th, 2024

Please drop off your filled and sealed Shred Bag at the Yale Printing & Publishing Services (YPPS) offices located at 344 Winchester Avenue, Loading Docks 1 and 2.

YPPS is working with Yale approved Supplier InfoShred* to ensure that all the Sealable Security Shred Bags will be safely and thoroughly destroyed.

United Way Shred Bag Campaign Statistics:

United Way Shred Bag Statistics

Order your Sealable Security Bags here

Please note the following:

  • Your $25 donation includes free campus delivery of your Sealable Security Shred Bag or pickup your Bag at YPPS. Delivery is not available to locations outside the Yale campus.
  • After an order is placed for campus delivery, a YPPS representative will contact you to arrange the drop off.
  • Payment is by cash or check only and is payable on delivery or at YPPS pickup.
  • Make checks payable to the “United Way of Greater New Haven” or “UWGNH”

*InfoShred is certified by NAID, the watchdog association for worldwide secure data destruction.


For questions, please contact

James.Kavanaugh@yale.edu (203) 996-0974