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Shred Bag Quote 4

“Early in 2020 Yale Printing & Publishing Services sent out an email regarding a Shred Day in support of the United Way. I am a proud supporter of the United Way and I had known for a while that I needed clear out papers throughout my home. I knew I was a paper hoarder but was shocked to discover how much paper I had been saving. Thanks to the team at YPPS, I have gone from eight file drawers of papers to one and a half. I’ve set up a system to shred the out dated bank statements and tax filings when new ones are added. There is a freedom as well as new space rediscovered that comes with eliminating all the paper. This was done while being able to support the United Way. Others get to benefit while I get the joy of cleaning out. It is easy and simple to do and I have already recommended it to friends and coworkers.”

— Poppy Hahn
    Senior Administrative Assistant, Lifelong Learning and Travel

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