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The University has provided this latest guidance to students, faculty, staff, and postdoctoral/postgraduate trainees:

  • Fully vaccinated community members who have submitted vaccination documentation to the university are not required to mask, physically distance, or complete certain health checks or testing, with some exceptions

  • Community members who have not been vaccinated or have not submitted vaccination documentation to the university must continue to follow all applicable safety measures.


As part of Research Reactivation each group working in an approved laboratory, core facility, or other research support function will be provided with 1 reusable cloth mask, 50 disposable masks, 1 container of hand sanitizer, 1 packet of sanitizing wipes, 1 lanyard per approved researcher and 1 spray bottle of disinfecting solution per research group in order to comply with the state directive for face coverings, and to aid in the prevention of infection. Prior to placing an order for this initial supply an authorization e mail must be received by the PI/Manager from EHS integrator.

I attest that I have received an authorization e mail to return to campus from EHS integrator, and that all of my approved employees have completed Reactivation Training for Researchers found on the Yale TMS website.

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