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For each item you wish to order, indicate the quantity required in the corresponding box. Please take note of the frequency each item may be ordered, and take care not to order any items in greater quantities or more frequently than is permitted. These additional supplies of ASTM masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes can be ordered by your Lead Administrator. Lead administrators are coordinating departmental orders through YPPS. Individuals should request masks from their lead administrator who will provide as many masks as are needed (more or fewer as appropriate. A list of lead administrators and operations managers is available on the university’s website. For faculty and students, masks are also frequently available in dispensers near the entrances of auditoriums and large classrooms on campus if needed on short notice. If large quantities of masks and sanitizing supplies are required, these should be ordered through Workday/SciQuest.

Regarding how long you can safely wear an ASTM mask – please see the information below from the Yale Environmental Health & Safety website.

When do I need to replace my mask?

ASTM masks are disposable, but can be used generally for up to one week or until they become damaged, soiled, or wet.


Return to Yale Refill Orders

If you have any questions about your order, please contact ppe.support@yale.edu for assistance.