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NOW AVAILABLE: New BluePrint Services Optimized for Yale WorkDay

The University is converting its financial systems from Oracle to Workday. As a result of this change, YPPS is implementing a new billing system and case management system for the BluePrint Copier Rental Program.

YPPS's new billing system is designed to accommodate the University's new charging instructions or Chart of Accounts (COA), in addition to providing other much needed features and enhancements.

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The ability to add multiple meter reader contacts

  • Previously limited to one monthly meter read contact, our new billing system allows for multiple monthly meter contacts. When billing opens, anyone with access can log into the new self-service portal to review, update or enter their monthly meter counts.
  • When using the BluePrint Customer Portal's "manage my blueprint devices" feature, new meter readers can be added to your department's account at any time.

Split charging for monthly base fees – up to 5 WorkDay COAs per device

  • Previously limited to one PTAEO per device for Monthly Base Fees, our new billing system allows departments to split their base fees (and cost per copy charges) across as many as five COAs. Splits are based on a percentage (%) of the total charges.
  • Using the BluePrint Customer Portal's "manage my blueprint devices" feature, billing contacts can update COA charging instructions and splits at any time prior to the opening of the copier rental billing period.

More details on the department's monthly statement

  • Copier rental charges on the department's monthly WorkDay statement will now include: device ID, model, device location and meter contact.
  • Base fees are now separated from the usage fees, but black and white and color charges are combined.
  • Billing history is available by device using the BluePrint Customer Portal's "manage my blueprint devices" feature. A complete billing history by WorkDay department or cost center is available on request. Submit your requests to BluePrint@yale.edu.

A new self-service customer portal allows greater access to the department's account information

The BluePrint Portal includes a new case management tracking system offering improved features

To access the Portal, click here