Yale Printing & Publishing Services

Important Note

The YPPS online ordering system has been upgraded to accept the new WorkDay charging instructions that Yale has introduced to replace the PTAEO charging system. This means that you can no longer place an order with us using a PTAEO - you MUST use COA charging instructions in place of PTAEO.


When using the ordering system, you must enter the separate fields of your COA charging instructions in the fields provided on the payment page. If you have a COA number in the form of a single long string, you may find this COA Validator Tool useful - it allows you to paste in a full COA string and parses it out into the various segments. You can then validate the COA to make sure it is correct, and when placing your order, you can copy and paste the segments into the YPPS payment page. (A tip: you can click here to open the COA Validator Tool in a new browser tab or window, so that you will then have it available when you get to the payment page in the ordering system.)

We are also temporarily allowing customers to select the "None" payment option if they would like to charge to a COA but do not yet know what it is - please just be sure to include a note to that effect in the Job Notes field.