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“Healthy Yale” Sign Orders

To support the phased reopening of the campus, Yale has developed a sign system that follows university and state guidelines to lower the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

We encourage you to use these university-approved resources to help everyone stay informed. The signs, which may be posted in work spaces, common areas, and other shared spaces, offer guidelines and reminders about social distancing, regular handwashing, health monitoring, and other measures.

The Office of Facilities and the Office of Environmental Health & Safety, under direction from the Returning to Yale communications group, are installing signs in all public areas of campus.

To ensure proper use and avoid duplication, please review each sign carefully and contact your Facilities area manager before ordering or installing.

All wall signage is printed in color, on a washable polysynthetic paper stock as rigid as card stock. Signs are 8.5 x 11 inches, except where noted.

All floor signage is printed on EHS-approved nonslip adhesive and can be applied to all flooring substrates. Social distancing spots are 12 x 12 inches round; directional arrows are either 6 x 18 inches or 12 x 11 inches.

Wall-mounted signs should be mounted level and flush to the wall, ideally 60 inches to center above finished floor. (For 8.5 x 11-inch signs, this will be 65.5 inches to top.) Posting one sign in a highly visible location is preferable to posting multiple copies of the same sign. Signs should be posted with attention to architectural features (e.g., centered within grout lines) or other wall-mounted objects, even if this precludes the ideal height. 

Directional signs and maximum occupancy signs (for elevators, conference rooms, and other shared spaces) should only be posted by or in consultation with the Office of Environmental Health and Safety or the Office of Facilities.

For any questions about proper or effective usage, or if custom solutions are required, please contact Charles Biada (charles.biada@yale.edu) in the Office of the University Printer.

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