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Graduate. Celebrate. Decorate!

This year’s commencement comes with great joy as we help congratulate the class of 2021. In an effort to include and engage those with loved ones walking the stage, YPPS is proud to offer our “Graduate. Celebrate. Decorate!” project.

This effort brings a beautiful, customized celebration kit, packed with Yale décor to those who are celebrating with us! This project was a combined effort as we joined resources with the Office of the Secretary to make it all possible.

This item can be found on both the Yale Commencement and the Yale 2021 websites.

The video below (posted on Instagram by cheryldcb) shows the opening and content of a Yale 2021 Commencement Celebration box, prepared by YPPS.

Celebration boxes are now also available for purchase directly through this link - click here to order your Yale 2021 Celebration box today!