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Contactless Printing

PaperCut Contactless Printing

PaperCut Contactless Printing

What is Papercut Contactless Printing?

This feature allows the user to release ALL jobs in their held print queue by swiping their badge at a compatible PaperCut device.

What is the difference between traditional PaperCut printing and Contactless Printing?

With traditional PaperCut print release, the user swipes their badge at a device and the display screen gives the user the opportunity to Print All or select specific jobs to print from a list. This requires utilizing the screen to make selections.

Contactless printing releases ALL the user’s held print jobs automatically after swiping their badge. The device will begin to print without requiring any further selections eliminating the need to touch the screen. This feature is available with WebPrint, Mobility Print and the global BluePrint queues.

How does it work?

  1. Print a document from your computer or mobile device to the BluePrint queue.
  2. You will receive a message confirming your print job is being held in the queue.
  3. Locate a Contactless printer – all enabled devices are labeled. A list of student locations can be found at : https://ypps.yale.edu/blueprint-essential-resources
  4. Swipe your badge at designated PaperCut device.
    ALL print jobs in your held queue will begin to print without further interaction with the device.

Look for the contactless printing logo on Blueprint Copiers - these devices are set up with the “release all” feature

  PaperCut Contactless Printing

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