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Student Printing - Mac Client Set-up

Please Note: All PaperCut Client versions are backward compatible with the current version of 18.3.

Installing the PaperCut client:

  1. You must be logged onto the Yale Network with a Yale netid.
  2. Go to PaperCut Client Download page and select the ‘PaperCut Mac All Locations’ download.
  3. Download the zip file to your desktop.
  4. Double-click the zip file
  5. Double-click on the .pkg to run the installer 
  6. Input your login credentials with your ‘Yale\netid’/pw and check the box to ‘Remember my identity’.
  7. The PaperCut balance window should appear.

The PaperCut client must be running when you print. You can set the client to run when you login to ensure that the client is always running:

  1. Go to Apple symbol (top left) > System Preferences >  Users & Groups.
  2. Click on the lock and enter your password if necessary.
  3. Highlight your user account in the left pane. Select Login Items and click on the + sign.
  4. Browse to your application folder and choose the PCClient application.

You should now see the PCClient application in your login items and it should run automatically when you log in to your computer.