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Student Printing - Mac Client and Queue Set-up

Please Note: All PaperCut Client versions are backward compatible with the current version of 21.0.3.

Student Installation of the PaperCut client and BluePrint Queues:

  1. You must be logged onto the Yale Network with a Yale netid
  2. Download the install_printers_student_MacOS_21.0.3.zip file to your desktop
  3. Double-click the zip file to extract the installer
  4. PCClient-21.0.3.pkg will install the Papercut client and install the Blueprint_Color and Blueprint_BW queues with IPPS protocol as well as removing any existing SMB Blueprint queues if needed.
  5. Install by double-clicking the .pkg
  6. Input Yale netid and password when prompted
  7. The PaperCut balance window should appear
  8. The BluePrint BW and color queues will install