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Staff Printing - PaperCut Print Queue Set-up - Windows

How to Configure PaperCut Queues on Windows

  1. You must be logged on the Yale network with your netid.
  2. Find out the name of your printer and print server from YPPS, your DSP, or your business manager. (ex. \\paperc-prd-ps1.its.yale.edu\dept_printer)
  3. Click on the Windows button and in the search field and type the print server name and printer and hit enter. If necessary, the driver will load and your specific queue will be added to your printers. You may be prompted for your Yale netid and password.
    1. (ex. \\paperc-prd-ps1.its.yale.edu\dept_printer)
  4. YPPS recommends using Global Print Queues for find-me printing. Ask YPPS or you DSP if it is use in your department.