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Staff Printing - Windows Client Set-up

Please Note: All PaperCut Client versions are backward compatible with 18.3.

Installing the PaperCut client:

  1. You must be logged onto the Yale Network with a Yale netid.
  2. Go to PaperCut Client Download page and select the ‘PaperCut Windows All Locations’ download. If you are located at 25 Science Park then use the ‘PaperCut Windows for 25 Science Park’ download.
  3. All Locations:
    1. Double click on the downloaded zip file (‘PCClient18.3_Win-All.zip)
    2. Double-click the ’pcclient-‘ and install.
  4. 25 Science Park:
    1. Double click on the downloaded zip file (‘PCClient18.3_Win-25SP.zip)
    2. Double-click the ‘pcclient-25SP-’ and install.
    3. Click through the wizard and finish.
  5. Put in your Yale Netid credentials when prompted.
  6. The PaperCut icon should show in the system tray.