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YPPS’ Sustainability and Awareness Initiatives

As we bring February aka “Paper Month” to a close, YPPS is happy to have been recognized as one of the champions of improving campus sustainability. We have furnished and implemented ideas and solutions, such as BluePrint and PaperCut, which have contributed in part to Yale’s goal of reducing paper consumption by 16%. Ultimately this figure surpasses Yale’s 2013-2016 Sustainable Strategic Plan of a 10% reduction.Also during February, YPPS was requested to present our sustainable initiatives and future plans to Yale’s Sustainable Leaders and Directors. These presentations were created and lead by YPPS’ own Communication Officer & Sustainability Lead Jason England. The presentations captured the topics of; smarter paper usage, the ability to Reuse/Rethink/Recycle, Electronic Record Retention/Management, expanding sustainability awareness to campus, and Digital Publications/Mobile Apps.Please follow this shared link to gain a better understanding of how YPPS covers these topics, and review the “Sustainability and Awareness” presentation.