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YPPS Enjoys a Great Start to 2016 with silly selfies and lots of prizes!

In late January, Human Resources and Administration staff members gathered to enjoy another terrific New Year’s celebration hosted by Yale VP of HR & A Michael Peel. Thanks to the hard work of a few individuals a great time was had by all. This event was a wonderful opportunity for folks from different groups under the HR & A umbrella to get together, enjoy some good food a little dancing and for many finally put the “face to the name.” Our colleagues become our friends and we were reminded of our common purpose to use our talents to make Yale great.

Recently HR launched a “Grow” contest encouraging staffers to “Take a Selfie.” This was part of a mentor/mentee program, in which we are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities available to help us grow our careers here at Yale.

In the spirit of this theme, some of our YPPS folks sought to get a “selfie” with the host himself. With the help of Lisa Maloney and her selfie stick the hilarious moment was captured for all to enjoy.

The night was also a great success for the United Way. Thanks to the generous donations of baskets and prizes, raffle tickets were sold with the proceeds benefiting Yale’s United Way Campaign. As evidenced in the photos, YPPS had a lucky night! Our Department was able to help the cause by contributing some of the signage you will see in the photos. Be sure to take a look!

Click here to see more photos of the evening and the famous YPPS selfies.