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YPPS Copier Rental Program Changes

To Our Valued Copier Rental Customers,YPPS always tries to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to equipment, technology and service.  We are on the verge of offering some new programs that we believe you will be excited about.  These include:Mobile printing software.Scan to Excel, Word or Searchable PDF.Tracking software to chargeback cost centers.Standalone printer program with all maintenance and toner included.In order to continue to enhance and improve our existing programs and implement these valuable new ones, we will have to slightly raise some of our fees.  YPPS will be making these changes for FY13 on the Copier Rental Program effective July 1, 2012.We will be increasing the base rental cost by $ 5.00 per month.We are raising the black all inclusive rate to $ 0.0079 per image, the average effective cost is $4.50 per device per month.All color rates will remain at $ 0.07. Thank you for your business we look forward to working with you on these new and exciting programs. The YPPS Copier Rental Team