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YPPS Collaborates with Yale Cancer Center

The Yale Cancer Center Studies Department recently developed a new program for breast cancer survivors called LEAN (Lifestyle, Exercise, and Nutrition) and needed help marketing it.  They reached out to YPPS for assistance creating several engaging, informational print pieces promoting and educating breast cancer survivors.

For the program participants, it was decided to create a 240-page, coil-bound guide book, a 3-hole-punched, journal-entry book, a symptoms-management, recipe book, a wire-bound strength-training program, a study brochure, plus tote bags and water bottles.

Putting together this amount of materials required a diverse team. Our team consisted of three designers who collaborated with the study center, their videography team, a procurement team, and several Yale-approved vendors. All the books were produced in-house on both polyester and regular paper. The procurement team was tasked to produce the water bottle and tote bags.

The recipe book’s photos had all been chosen from a stock site. The designer tasked with creating the book is a foodie and with culinary experience, so the photos were spot on when representing each meal in the book. The exercise book, had wonderful stills extracted from the video production made to create their exercise DVD.

The YPPS Team felt as if their collaboration was not just with the Yale Cancer Center but with the millions of surviving women who struggle to stay ahead of this vicious illness. The YPPS team was honored to be involved with this project. The outcome was so impactful it has allowed the LEAN study group to  successfully fundraise to continue this program for many years to come