Yale Printing & Publishing Services

Two More Awards for YPPS!

YPPS garnerd two more awards at the Association of College & University Printers conference (ACUP).  ACUP is an association of higher education printers from aound the United States. YPPS was recognized for its collaborative service efforts.  This project involved a joint effort between YPPS and Yale Shared Services (YSS).  YSS wanted to bring the processing of accounts payable invoices back in-house.  In partnering with YSS, YPPS scans opens and scans the invoices on high tech OPEX scanners the same day they are received so Accounts Payable can begin processing the invoices 3 to 5 days sooner.  In addition, there was a savings of over $400,000.The second award was for Black & White digital printering.  YPPS submitted a black & white booklet that received the award for design and quality.YPPS is very proud of these awards as they are awarded by a group of our peers.  Well done to the staff of YPPS for all your efforts!