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Slow Dancing

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, the Institute of Sacred Music (ISM) presented David Michalek’s film installation Slow Dancing. The event consisted of 46 larger-than-life, hyper-slow-motion video portraits of dance artists from around the world, displayed on three giant screens on Cross Campus. Each subject’s movement was shot on a high-speed camera at several thousand frames per second to drastically slow their motions. See a sample here.“Gesture by barely perceptible gesture, viewers can choose to focus on one dancer’s complete performance or observe the interplay among the screens,” as described by ISM.Such a project required incredible effort.  Our own designer Maura Gianakos worked closely with ISM to design materials for and help market the event. YPPS created fliers, lawn signs, t-shirts, and even street banners over College St. Utilizing typographical branding, the words “Slow Dancing” swept through campus. And combined with image repetition, the event was prominently displayed throughout New Haven.Maura highlights her long history of working with the Institute of Sacred Music saying that “it is a lot of fun and it’s part of what we do–helping our clients achieve what they want. And in this case, it was making Slow Dancing visible.”