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Shuttle Clings for Science

Michael Ferguson was approached by the COO of YCCI, Tesheia Johnson, about a new advertisement opportunity for the Yale Shuttles concerning an upcoming campaign about Clinical Research. This was the first time shuttle signs would be facing outward. The campaign focuses on clinical research and how the local community can volunteer to help with clinical trials and help Yale researchers and the world through the studies. It took the YCCI quite a while to get permissions and approvals for the ad campaign.  When this was finally settled, they contacted Michael and he quickly got to work.After considering everything from full vehicle wraps to inside signage, YPPS settled on window clings that would be prominently displayed on each shuttle.Working together with Yale Transportation, First Transit, and Mason Design Group, YPPS adjusted 7 versions of the sign, each featuring key community people and researchers, to individualized fits for each shuttle. After five weeks of installation, each shuttle had its unique window design.After the initial discussion about this project, with much of the time working to comply with Yale copyright and policy as well as adjusting to the ever changing fleet, the signs were finally up.YCCI has expressed considerably excitment about the final product.