Yale Printing & Publishing Services

Reunion Schedules and Ephemera

YPPS hopes all Yale alumni and their families visiting for reunion weekends are having a great time! As a department we’re honored to produce this year’s Reunion Schedules in combination with the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA) and design geniuses Angie Hurlbut and John Gambell, of the University Printer’s Office.These beautiful booklets allow returning alums to navigate their way around campus during their return visit to the Yale campus. Yale’s Reunions are filled with special events, gatherings, exhibitions, and time to reconnect with old friends. For more information on the entire event, please visit the Yale Alumni Association’s website. And make sure you get a chance to stop the Office of Public Affairs (OPAC) photo booth to capture your time here the old fashioned way. To view photos of the two recent alumni weekends  click here.