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Printing Praise

Yale Administration is full of hard-working and devoted individuals who are committed to making Yale and the community a better place. Since 2014, many individuals have been praised for their dedication through the #outofthebluethanks staff recognition program.

This unique program honors the recipient in an unexpected way. The process is simple. When a manager or department receives praise for one of their employees via a letter or email, that document generates one of these surprise mini-ceremonies. Since its inception, the program has highlighted the outstanding work of over 50 employees.

Yale Printing and Publishing Services (which has had four* of its staff recognized!) produces the thank you cards and gifts, that are presented to each recipient. Only 50 of each gift is produced making it special for the recipient.  Recently YPPS procured 50 new white baseball hats for the next round of #outofthebluethanks. So keep up the good work! You could be next!

To read more about our other featured recipients and to learn more about the program, visit:

*Hal Schwartz, Eddie Van Keuren, Maura Gianakos and Matt Cusmano.