Yale Printing & Publishing Services

Poster Designs by YPPS Creative Services at Woolsey Hall

If you walked by Woolsey Hall this week, you passed by examples of our work in the form of several large, colorful posters promoting upcoming events. Clients often ask our experts in Creative Services to design these large-format posters to promote and advertise special events at Woolsey Hall. When creating these super-sized posters, the designers  always consider that the posters need to be viewed by people walking as well as driving by and that the message needs to be conveyed quickly and clearly. Bright colors, interesting graphics and easy-to-read fonts help to make this happen. A new feature on these posters is the QR code– that our designers strategically drop into the layout. This makes it effortless for passers-by to scan the information  into their smart phone and mark the event on their calendar for reference. Stop by Woolsey Hall today to check out these eye-catching designs!