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Life After Yale - Graduating Students Print Portfolios and Momentos

Springtime brings warmer temperatures, daffodils and the portfolio needs of our School of Architecture students.  Here are some excellent examples of this year’s work. These three perfect-bound books, printed at YPPS, are filled with full-color images that represent each student’s individual ideas and creative concepts. We love helping these creative grad students as they head toward careers in architecture and beyond.Graduating seniors close in on their final days here at Yale University taking with them piece of Yale memorabilia entitled “Life at Yale.” This perfect-bound piece, printed by YPPS, typeset with Yale typeface, is designed by Mathew Carter, with a beautiful cover photo by Yale Photographer Michael Marsland. The book’s content provide tips and lessons on how our undergraduates can better balance their budgets, cooking, and networking all while keeping the alma mater alive! It is always nice to know you have a home here in New Haven.