Yale Printing & Publishing Services

Keep Your Fingers Crossed!!

The YPPS graphic design staff (with the assistance of our talented and wonderful production staff ) have entered a printing contest sponsored by InPlantGraphics magazine and IPMA (In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association) located in Kansas, MO. Our group  submitted seven different and beautiful samples of digital projects that were produced entirely at YPPS. During the design and printing process, we insured that our samples had great registration, crisp folds, perfect crossovers, and no ‘hickeys’ or print roller marks to guarantee they make it through the first round of judging. We entered 2 booklets, 2 brochures, 1 flyer (11” x 17”), 1 poster (20” x 28”) and a special project – a map, printed on a cream translucent sheet, that was handed out for the Chinese, Japanese & Korean Special Collections in the Yale Libraries. The photo is representative of some of the items submitted.Judging takes place on Monday, March 26th. Those interested in learning how the competition works, please check out last year’s best-in-show judging here. We will be up against some pretty stiff competition - but are very confident that YPPS will prevail!