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Huskies Clinch National Title, Highlight New Brand Identity

Last night, the University of Connecticut Huskies clinched a fourth Men’s National Basketball title against the University of Kentucky Wildcats.In this unexpected battle of the seventh and eighth seeds, UConn highlighted the most distinctive change in logo for the university since the 1970s when the profile of the husky was adopted. The new logo debuted with the beginning of the 2013-2014 athletic season but the high-profile national championship game is likely to solidify its brand identity nationally. The new husky is more lupine with ice-blue eyes, but the trademark tongue that the design adopted in the 1980s is still there. The new design will get more national exposure as the UConn Women’s Basketball team faces Notre Dame tonight for a ninth national title. To read more about the new husky and the university standardization of “UCONN” as the primary mark of the university click here.