Yale Printing & Publishing Services

Happy Retirement to Peter Johnson

YPPS Art Director, Peter W. Johnson, retired last Friday. He will be missed by all. Peter has had a rich history here at Yale. After entering as a freshman in 1962, he went on to earn both his undergraduate and graduate degree at Yale while also serving in Vietnam.After graduating from Yale with his Master’s degree in graphic design, Peter began his professional career as a freelance designer. He continued for 15 years only to return to Yale after bumping into his old classmate John Gambell, who at the time was just appointed as the University Printer. Reunited with his alma mater and working along side John, Peter immediately began shaping the next chapter of his career working with YPPS. And the rest was history! Peter humbly states “Yale Printing and Publishing Services has been the highlight of my career.”We here at YPPS are honored to have worked with such an intelligent and creative designer, and we hope our clients have enjoyed his talents as well. As Peter retires and moves on to some more relaxing hobbies, such as writing his book or cycling, we wish him the best of luck! We will be sure to print his book once it is completed.