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Hal Schwartz of YPPS Gets Thanks from Yale’s Emergency Management

Hal Schwartz, Print Production Coordinator at YPPS and Director Jeff Gworek all smiles after an #outoftheblue surprise. Since 2009 Hal Schwartz has worked on multiple print projects with Emergency Management Director Maria Bouffard. Upon hearing about Administration’s #outofthebluethanks recognition program, Maria wrote a lovely letter about her collaboration with Hal a Print & Production Coordinator at YPPS.  She felt strongly that he should be publicly thanked for all his help and support over the years and she tells us why.  “Quite simply because of his great customer service.  I know that Hal is busy but I never feel like he doesn’t have time to support the printing needs of Emergency Management.”  Maria and Hal’s working relationship started with the hand-washing campaign on campus that was started after a H1N1 flu outbreak 5 years ago.  A series of posters were printed and posted throughout campus and as usual this had to be done quickly and cost effectively.  Hal was right there to assist get pricing, design assistance and the printed final product.  Read more.