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Going Green with School of Architecture Students-

At the School of Architecture students use large format plotter printers for class work.  These printers generate a fair amount of wasted paper.  For the past few years, we’ve teamed with YSOA students to repurpose that waste into fun notepads. Two years ago, the YSOA Sustainability Task Force led by students Rushyan Yen and Sheena Zhang wanted to do something with the extra paper, and contacted Yale’s Office of Sustainability for suggestions.  Sustainability put them in touch with YPPS, and we gave them a few suggestions including repurposing the plotter paper waste as note pads.YSOA students collect and deliver the plotter waste to YPPS. We flatten and trim it down to produce the recycled pads. The note pads are roughly 5.5”x 8.375”. YPPS then prints the cover from artwork provided by YSOA, and we include our word mark for acknowledgment. The pads are then returned to YSOA students for distribution. The reverse side of the plotter paper is used for notes and the original printed side becomes the back side of the note paper.