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Forever Young

Document retention has been an issue since the Goryeo or Gutenberg press. From baby pictures to old newspapers, we all have photos, souvenirs, and memorabilia that we want to hold on to forever. We have all seen faded polaroids or worn out papers and struggled against the clock to preserve these physical memories. With the coming of the digital age, preservationists rejoiced at the option of electronic storage. Files and pictures could be endlessly scanned into immortal bits. However, recently, one article argued that not all digital media is created equal. Some CDs can experience “bronzing” and lose the information that they hold. We are here to offer a solution that is readily available to you.YPPS has a new, more efficient scanning system that can quickly compile all of your documents into a searchable PDF. No job is too big, just ask the School of Management (108,000+ pages) or Internal Medicine (717,000+ pages). Download into thumb drives, CD’s, or DVD’s to share and transfer (and even store temporarily). And if you are looking for a potential long term solution, we will even help upload it onto a personal server for you!Contact us at 203.432.6560 for more information on the service or to ask for a quote!