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As we bring February aka “Paper Month” to a close, YPPS is happy to have been recognized as one of the champions of improving campus sustainability. We have furnished and implemented ideas and solutions, such as BluePrint and PaperCut, which have contributed in part to Yale's goal of reducing paper consumption by 16%. Ultimately this figure surpasses Yale’s 2013-2016 Sustainable Strategic Plan of a 10% reduction.

Recently Yale Housing hosted its first annual Fair. The fair, held February 7th at Yale Commons, was attended by almost 1000 members of the Yale community and featured over 80 vendors. Those attending came in search of affordable local housing and found under one roof, dozens of vendors, landlords, property owners and local businesses offering information about off campus living options in New Haven and the surrounding area.

Fall in love with our new fabric travel posters.  Traveling with your poster on Valentine's Day, or any other day, could not be sweeter.  Our cloth posters will keep your travel extra special by keeping your luggage light.

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At the School of Architecture students use large format plotter printers for class work.  These printers generate a fair amount of wasted paper.  For the past few years, we’ve teamed with YSOA students to repurpose that waste into fun notepads.

A vibrantly colored, partially hand-printed book project by Richard Rose, Master Letterpress Printer at Jonathan Edwards College, is being featured this month at Artspace.  His project, which combines letterpress (composing movable type and hand inking a printing press) and digital printing, was commissioned with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.

This holiday season order from YPPS's FSC certified paper stocks. Using our environmentally friendly paper stocks will satisfy your hunger to print green. This is the perfect time of year to give thanks knowing paper consumption can be sustainable!

The children of New Haven need your help! Please purchase raffle tickets at the sixth annual Basket Raffle sponsored by Science Park Outreach at Yale!

Hal Schwartz, Print Production Coordinator at YPPS and Director Jeff Gworek all smiles after an #outoftheblue surprise. 

As part of our ghoulish, greenish nature, YPPS is being FSC® certified as a Chain-of-Custody vendor for the 3rd year in a row!

For Yale's Founders Day Celebrations, the YPPS Outsource team set up photo booths and lifesized cut outs of President Salovey and Yale's mascot Handsome Dan.  There were many events around campus and students and staff were able to take their photo with the President or Handsome Dan.  These many funny photos were covered on Yale's Flicker Page.  To see all the photos click here.