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Winner Winner, HP Laser Printer

Congratulations to Qijun Fang, the lucky Yale graduate student,  who won BluePrint's Grand prize of an HP Laser Jet P1315dn printer. Second and third place winners were Tyler Lutz and Christian Weber, who won $25 and $10 of Blueprint credit, which has already been added to their BluePrint accounts.

Forever Young

Document retention has been an issue since the Goryeo or Gutenberg press. 

From baby pictures to old newspapers, we all have photos, souvenirs, and memorabilia that we want to hold on to forever. We have all seen faded polaroids or worn out papers and struggled against the clock to preserve these physical memories. 

Time for Tennis

The Connecticut Open, formerly known as the New Haven Open, begins this Friday, August 15th!

My future is so bright I need "Silli-Shades"

Silliman's lucky incoming freshman are going to look extra fresh this year in their signature sunglasses produced here at Yale Printing & Publishing Services (YPPS). These two color shades will be just what they need on their bright journey to becoming part of the Yale Class of 2018.

Radio Survived, Can Print?

Do you remember the Buggles? Not many would, but when their single, “Video Killed The Radio Star,” came out on this day (August 1) in 1981, it set in motion a musical revolution that energized a generation of teens, drove parents to adult beverage excess and firmly put hairspray in the bathroom of every woman 13 to 30. With that single, Music Television (MTV) was born. As our parents were signing off to Walter Cronkite on the evening news, young folks across the country were tuning in to VJ’s (Video Jockey’s) Alan Hunter, Nina Blackwood & Martha Quinn.

Typography Tuesday: Yale

Did you know that Yale has its own typeface?

Inspired by the Venetian typeface first seen in Pietro Bembo’s De Aetna (shown below), the Yale font grew from Aldus Manutius' template into Matthew Carter's "Yale". Read more about the history or download it here (netID required)

An Artist at Heart

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if a child's imagination became reality?

One artist did. Telmo Pieper, part of the “Telmo Miel” duo in Rotterdam, has recreated his early drawings to a stunning effect. While our childhood creations may have had their last exhibition on the family fridge, Pieper has rerendered his youthful imagination into an artistic reality.


Batman Day: Bruce Wayne Went to Yale?!

Today marks the 75th birthday of one of our greatest comic book heros. Most of us are aware that this renowned crime fighter has the every day alter-ego of Bruce Wayne, but did you know that the celebrity philanthropist received his law degree from Yale University? His diploma would have been printed right here at YPPS! Click here to read more.

And remember, for all of your design and printing needs (Batman related or not), visit Yale Printing & Publishing Services.

Typography Tuesday: Hand Lettering

Typography and hand lettering is deeply rooted in human history. Most of us are familiar with Johannes Guttenburg and his work with creating the first letter punch and typefaces. With the help of technology, typography has progressed from the letter punch, and some think it has lost that human touch. YPPS would like to pay homage to some of the amazing individuals that continue to keep the art of typography and hand lettering alive.

Jason Carne: see more of his work here. 

3D Printing and the Elm City

3D printing is causing a big hubbub lately. The trend hasn't been missed by the Elm City--The New Haven Free Public Library on Elm Street has acquired a MakerBot of its own. Classes offered for those interested filled up quickly.  This initial summer pilot will be reviewed and the library will decide how to move forward.