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Graduating seniors from Silliman College will be literally noodling their way to the commencement ceremony this year. Foam cheering noodles (popular at athletic events) are 2”x 2” wide and 24” in length. YPPS was able to produce this festive fan gear in the classic Silliman colors of red, green and yellow. Noodles are a great way for fans or Yale students to express their enthusiasm. By waving them around they are in essence giving a visual Hurrah!  Congratulations to all our Yale graduates! 

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Commencement is in two weeks, which signals the end of another phenomenal academic year at Yale. This means students are wrapping up final projects while faculty and staff work hard to support them.

If you need help with a project, YPPS is here for you! Please be sure to contact us for any immediate needs, and we will be ready with good pricing and prompt turnaround. 

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Yale Printing & Publishing Services (YPPS) attended the annual Association of College & University Printers or ACUP Conference this past weekend where educational in-plant printers and mail operators  gather to consult, learn and interact with each other. This event is exciting to attend, as we always learn much from our peers, as well as share our knowledge and experience with them. This year YPPS also competed in both the ACUP Production and Impression contests. Impression awards are based on a team's initiative taken and the specific results gained.  

The Yale School of Management (Yale SOM) Student Government is hosting its annual inaugural case competition on April 10-12, 2015 in Evans Hall. The Yale School of Management Integrated Leadership Case Competition (ILCC) was created to convene the best students from participating universities in developing creative solutions for business challenges that require the integration of multiple disciplines.


The Japanese Samurai and their culture have been marveled for centuries. Now you can see their breathtaking artifacts at the Peabody Museum! While attending we hope you enjoy their beautiful event catalog and mug. These items can be purchased in the gift shop of the museum. YPPS and the Peabody worked along with one another to produce these two pieces as well as the event’s opening invitations.

With finals only a month away, Yale Architecture and Design students are busy with classes, studying and portfolio completion. Their portfolios must be done quickly and professionally.  YPPS helps them produce these with little hassel--a bit of relief during this stressful time of year.  Yale students and other community members can count on YPPS for expert advice and guidance through this rich process. We offer a variety of fantastic paper stocks and binding methods that will surely meet your needs!

Represent your green spirit this Saint Patrick's Day with green papers! YPPS carries a full line of FSC® certified stocks to ensure you're printing sustainably.

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As we bring February aka “Paper Month” to a close, YPPS is happy to have been recognized as one of the champions of improving campus sustainability. We have furnished and implemented ideas and solutions, such as BluePrint and PaperCut, which have contributed in part to Yale's goal of reducing paper consumption by 16%. Ultimately this figure surpasses Yale’s 2013-2016 Sustainable Strategic Plan of a 10% reduction.

Recently Yale Housing hosted its first annual Fair. The fair, held February 7th at Yale Commons, was attended by almost 1000 members of the Yale community and featured over 80 vendors. Those attending came in search of affordable local housing and found under one roof, dozens of vendors, landlords, property owners and local businesses offering information about off campus living options in New Haven and the surrounding area.

Fall in love with our new fabric travel posters.  Traveling with your poster on Valentine's Day, or any other day, could not be sweeter.  Our cloth posters will keep your travel extra special by keeping your luggage light.

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