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Joe Relihan: The Face of YPPS

By Lisa M. Maloney, Administration

It's hard to imagine meeting a kinder, more affable person than Joe Relihan, YPPS’s Customer Service Rep extraordinaire.  Back in 1991, Joe started his career at Yale in the CIS Computer Repair Department doing mostly diagnosis and support similar to our modern day ITS DSP (data service provider) but working on a small team.  A large part of his job as Assistant Manager was customer service and satisfaction. Around that same time, RIS (what is now known as YPPS) lead by Bernie Hayden was starting to grow and they needed a customer service rep.  Having heard great things about Joe, Bernie asked him to come in and chat about a job opportunity.

YPPS' Sustainability and Awareness Initiatives

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As we bring February aka “Paper Month” to a close, YPPS is happy to have been recognized as one of the champions of improving campus sustainability. We have furnished and implemented ideas and...

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YPPS Goes Green with BluePrint

BluePrint  printing clusters, now found around campus, combine what was previously a variety of printer programs including YPPS Copier Rental and PaperCut programs.

Under the united BluePrint system operations will be seamless for customers who previously used any previous systems.  For instance, PaperCut customers will continue printing to the same queue names and client software.

About Yale Printing & Publishing Services

Originally established as an in-plant electronic print shop, YPPS has evolved into a center offering a wide-range of services, and plays an integral part in the support of Yale's mission of teaching and research by offering to students, faculty, and staff support encompassing the publication and dissemination of information.

The Yale community can draw upon all YPPS services including our traditional high quality black & white and color printing/copying, print consulting and publication production, graphic design and Web site building, scanning/imaging and document management, a full compliment of mail and fulfillment services, availability to in-house offset press capabilities, and much more. Integrating current and leading edge technology wherever possible, many of YPPS offerings provide the most current "state of the art" means to perform tasks including e-ticket services for job submittals, electronic job status/tracking capabilities, and on-line viewing of class course materials and other publications.

Working closely and in collaboration with the University Printer's Office, the talented staff of YPPS is ready to assist you. Members of YPPS have a commitment to Yale and are eager to fulfill their commitment to support Yale's mission.