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An Important Announcement Concerning COVID-19 Precautions

Per Yale University directive, YPPS and the BluePrint Copier Program are operating on a limited basis, especially to meet the needs of critical and essential workers on campus and those of you working remotely. We will be working remotely and monitoring the BluePrint@yale.edu inbox during this time.

If you are having trouble or need supplies for your printer or copier, as always you should contact the vendor on the front of your device. If they cannot help you, or if your needs are not related to a service or supply issue please e-mail BluePrint@yale.edu and we will assist you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Last updated: Friday, May 8, 2020 - 11:57am
PaperCut Printing Time-Out Extended

In response to the recent change in the workflow patterns across Yale University due to COVID-19, we have extended the printing time-out period in PaperCut to 3 days.

All print jobs that are sent to PaperCut will expire after a 3 day time period is reached. This is only an interim solution until business returns to a more stable schedule across campus and then we will revert back to the 4 hour time-out schedule.

We are continuously monitoring all emails to BluePrint@yale.edu and are available to assist on-site if needed.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions, such enabling fax forwarding to email.

Last updated: Monday, March 16, 2020 - 1:03pm

Web Print

Quick Start

Web Print and Add Funds (PaperCut User Page)

Download PaperCut for Windows

  • To download the installer for PaperCut software and BluePrint queues, click here
  • For installation instructions, click here

Download PaperCut for Mac

To download the installer for PaperCut software and BluePrint queues, click here

For installation instructions, click here

BluePrint Student Printer Locations

Frequently Asked Questions

What student printing options are available?

BluePrint printing is available to all students from the many Blueprint clusters around campus or a student can download the Papercut client and install it on their own computer.

Printing at Yale needs to be on the Yale network. Wireless devices are required to use YaleSecure. Off-campus printing can be done using VPN but print jobs are only held for 4 hours.

Students can also go to their Papercut User Page and Web Print from a browser.

The BluePrint PaperCut application provides print cost savings and paper waste reduction by offering secure print release capability. PaperCut also supports Yale University’s Office of Sustainability, energy and resource reduction efforts.

Web Print vs. PaperCut Software

  • Web Print is a PaperCut web-based solution for driverless printing. It gives users easy access to print Microsoft Office, PDF, and image files directly from the browser on their own devices without the need to install printer drivers or software. PaperCut’s Web Print is a good solution for print jobs with files that are smaller than 100MB, documents without password security, and the output doesn’t require special features such as stapling or punch holes.
  • The PaperCut software is client installed and better suited for printing big files, high volumes, and jobs needing driver specific print features.

BluePrint vs PaperCut

BluePrint refers to the department within YPPS that manages the University’s Copier Rental Program. All student printers are leased through YPPS and are considered BluePrint printers. 

PaperCut is a print management application that resides on all BluePrint student printers. Using Papercut software or Papercut’s Web Print are the only way to print to BluePrint student printers.

YPPS’s PaperCut application provides secure print release functionality, print cost savings, and paper waste reduction. PaperCut also supports Yale University’s Office of Sustainability energy and resource reduction efforts.

How to request a full balance refund

If you are graduating and/or leaving Yale and would like to request a refund of the balance in your PaperCut User account:

  • Send an email to blueprint@yale.edu requesting a refund of the balance in your account.
  • Please include your NetID and phone number

How do I request a refund for a print job?

To request a refund for a print job, do the following:

  • Log into your PaperCut user page, and click the “Recent Print Jobs” link in the left menu
  • In the Status column on the right click “request refund”. You will be brought to the “Refund Request” page.
  • Type the reason for the refund request in the text box, then hit Send. The more descriptive the reason, the better the issue can be serviced so it doesn’t happen again.

How much does printing cost?

The current rates printing and copying are:

  • B&W = $ 0.08 per image for the 1st side and $ 0.04 per image for the 2nd side.
  • Color = $ 0.25 per image for each side.

Scanning is Free.

How do I release a BluePrint print job?

At the Welcome Screen on the device, authenticate by touching your Yale ID to the Prox card reader. You can also authenticate by typing your Netid and Password on the device touchscreen keyboard.

Why is the BluePrint queue paused?

The BluePrint queues are global print queues set up for Hold and Release. This means the global queue will show as being in a  ‘Paused’ state holding your print job until you swipe your Yale ID at the Prox card reader attached to the printer where you want to release the job.

Why is my Yale ID not working at the printer?

If you obtained a new or replacement Yale ID, it takes approximately 24 hours for the badge information to reach PaperCut. If, after 24 hours your Yale ID still does not work at a printer, email BluePrint@yale.edu. In the interim, you can enter your credentials directly on the printer.

Common Issues

The printer is out of toner / paper

Find the nearest STC staff member to assist or email: cluster.support@yale.edu

The printer is jammed

Find the nearest STC staff member to assist or email: cluster.support@yale.edu

I released my print job and nothing printed

The most common reason jobs don’t come out is not having sufficient funds in your account. You can check by logging onto your Papercut User page.

Second, is sending a document to print using Web Print and the document has some type of security on it and can’t release it because it can’t open it. Remove any security on the document if you want to use Web Print. You can put it back on after you have printed it.

Also, check that the printer is turned on and not in an error state.

Why does it say ‘Hold for Authentication’?

This can happen on Mac computers when a stored password has been changed and the old one is stored in the keychain. Go to the keychain and look for a BluePrint print queue entry, delete it, and try to print again entering the new password when prompted.

I can’t connect to the BluePrint queues

Verify you are on the Yale network and YaleSecure if wireless.

Support Resources


Web: https://studenttechnology.yale.edu/
Email: cluster.support@yale.edu
Hours: See web site for hours

ITS Help Desk

Web: https://yale.service-now.com/it?id=get_help
Email: helpdesk@yale.edu
Tel: 203.436.9000
Hours: 24-7

BluePrint Support

Email: BluePrint@yale.edu
Tel. 203.436.9640
Hours: 8:30 – 5:00 M-F

SOM Help Desk

Email: SOMIT@yale.edu
Tel. 203-432-7777

Law School Help Desk

Email: law.help@yale.edu
Tel. 203-432-0821

School of Art

Email: art.help@yale.edu
Tel. 203-432-9120

School of Drama

Email: ysd-tech@yale.edu
Tel. 203-432-8830

School of Forestry and Environmental Studies