Yale Printing & Publishing Services

Web Printing (All Users)

PaperCut Web Print Instructions

Enter your netid in the Username box. Enter your netid password in the Password box. Click ‘Log in’ button.

  • Click on ‘Web Print.
  • Click on ‘Submit a Job’.
  • Click on the global print queue using the radio button that applies to you. Students should use the ‘Blueprint_BW’ or the ‘BluePrint_Color’ for double-sided printing or ‘Blueprint_BW_Simplex’ or the ‘BluePrint_Color_Simplex’ for single-sided printing.
  • Click on ‘2. Print Options and Account Selection’ button.
  • Click on the ‘Charge to my personal account’ radio button.
  • Click on ‘3. Upload Documents’ button.
  • Click on the Browse button.
  • Select the file to print. Click Open.
  • Click on ‘Upload & Complete’ button.
  • Job is being held at a printer associated with your global queue selection awaiting release.

If you have additional files to print, select Submit a Job and follow the above process.