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An Important Announcement Concerning COVID-19 Precautions

Per Yale University directive, YPPS and the BluePrint Copier Program are operating on a limited basis, especially to meet the needs of critical and essential workers on campus and those of you working remotely. We will be working remotely and monitoring the BluePrint@yale.edu inbox during this time.

If you are having trouble or need supplies for your printer or copier, as always you should contact the vendor on the front of your device. If they cannot help you, or if your needs are not related to a service or supply issue please e-mail BluePrint@yale.edu and we will assist you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

PaperCut Printing Time-Out Extended

In response to the recent change in the workflow patterns across Yale University due to COVID-19, we have extended the printing time-out period in PaperCut to 3 days.

All print jobs that are sent to PaperCut will expire after a 3 day time period is reached. This is only an interim solution until business returns to a more stable schedule across campus and then we will revert back to the 4 hour time-out schedule.

We are continuously monitoring all emails to BluePrint@yale.edu and are available to assist on-site if needed.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions, such enabling fax forwarding to email.

The YPPS BluePrint Programs service the Yale community by procuring equipment and providing services that meet departments’ print, copy, fax and scanning requirements. Through two main programs, the Copier Rental Program and the PaperCut Full Chargeback Program, we customize our services based on your specific needs.

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Student Printing

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Client Software Downloads

All downloads must be performed while on the Yale network. For wi-fi, use YaleSecure.
Determine which PaperCut download meets your needs:

  • All Campus Locations: This is the PaperCut client students and staff using personal accounts should download. For students, it used in conjunction with the BluePrint global queues allowing them to submit a print job to a single global queue and release it from any PaperCut supported printer on campus designated for student use. This will also show a balance window and provide a link to the PaperCut User page.
  • Tracking Only (eg. 25 Science Park): This is the PaperCut client used for tracking only such as the ITS staff at 25 Science Park. These customers are required to run this client for print management. 






All Campus Locations

Tracking Only (eg. 25 Science Park)