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What student printing options are available?

What student printing options are available?

BluePrint printing is available to all students from the many Blueprint clusters around campus or a student can download the Papercut client and install it on their own computer.

Printing at Yale needs to be on the Yale network. Wireless devices are required to use YaleSecure. Off-campus printing can be done using VPN but print jobs are only held for 12 hours.

Students can also go to their Papercut User Page and Web Print from a browser.

The BluePrint PaperCut application provides print cost savings and paper waste reduction by offering secure print release capability. PaperCut also supports Yale University’s Office of Sustainability, energy and resource reduction efforts.

Papercut Mobility allows students to print and release from a BluePrint queue using an Android or iOS mobile device. This feature allows for driverless printing and touchless releasing of jobs from a designated BluePrint printer.

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