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This online order form is available for all PaperCut Customers.

We have set up ordering procedures with WB Mason for all Full service locations. We are sourcing Aspen (FSC) 8 ½ x 11 30% recycled 20 lb paper with 92 brightness. We have tested the paper and the delivery process with many locations throughout campus and the paper runs well through the copiers and is delivered the next business day. WB Mason cut off for next day delivery is 3:00 pm, so please have your request in prior to 3:00 pm. Monday deliveries are not available.

Please note: YPPS will do a quarterly reconciliation with WB Mason comparing the paper delivered to the actual paper usage on the printer/copier devices and bill the differential to the individual department master PTAEO’s. We will furnish a detailed report with this information.

The BluePrint support team will monitor the PaperCut paper orders and place the orders directly to WB Mason.

Please feel free to call us if you need paper immediately or have not received the order on the next business day.

BluePrint support 203-436-9640

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