PaperCut Troubleshooting

If a job does not print, please be prepared to answer the following questions:

What is your NetID?

Where are you located? Street address, room number, etc.

What issue are you having?

  • Lost print? Were funds available?
  • What printer or queue did you print to?
  • Was the Blueprint global queue used?

What did you print from?

  • Your own personal computer or a Yale cluster computer? 
  • Mac or Windows?
  • Web Print or client print?
  • When you log in from a personal computer, put the Yale domain in front of your netid. (ie. Yale\netid)

What type of file did you try to print?

  • Doc, pdf, xls, etc.
  • Is it possible to share the file if needed

Once you have that information ready, contact these areas for further support.

  • ITS Support