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PaperCut Overview and Resources

PaperCut is a software solution for tracking, monitoring, and charging for network and student printing. It provides print cost savings and paper waste reduction by offering secure print release capability. In addition, secure print release protects sensitive information by alerting the person printing to be at the printer when the job is released.

YPPS provides the following services for PaperCut:

  • Maintains a limited supply inventory to accommodate customer emergency supply needs
  • Processes a monthly billing batch and distribute charges to individual department PTAEO’s
  • Maintains a web-updateable database on each customer, including the equipment models, accessories, serial and ID #’s, department name, contact, location, IP address, meter reading history and PTAEO charging
  • Provides distributed charging to a variety of department PTAEO’s, full color printing is billed at $ 0.25
  • Maintains web interface for departments to create or edit PTAEO activity for users
  • Processes a monthly billing batch of PTAEO charges through Oracle

For details on PaperCut sites, please click the resources link below.

PaperCut supports Yale University’s Office of Sustainability, energy and resource reduction efforts while providing a superior student printing experience.

PaperCut Resources

  • Add funds
  • Print history
  • Printer locations
  • etc.

Click here to access PaperCut resources

If you have any questions regarding PaperCut please contact BluePrint@yale.edu